• Bar area
  • Pizza
  • Mixed salad
  • Dessert cake


About us

Fire Stone Pizza Bar is a Pearland destination for authentic brick oven pizza, vibrant salads, flavorful soups and pastas. The restaurant is family owned and operated by Teresa, Greg, Allison and Chris A. Emmons. We live in Pearland and believe strongly in family and community. It has been our desire to build a restaurant that can bring families together in a warm, friendly environment. Therefore, we channeled our entrepreneurial spirit into building a great restaurant in our community using the resources of Pearland. We are bringing back family fun to the pizza business with full-service attention in a unique interactive experience and a wide selection of pizzas for everyone to try. Kids get to explore new pizzas options and parents will enjoy our full bar with wine, craft beer and cocktails. We have a saying..."No more compromising, no more cold pizza". Visit us to see what we mean by that.


Our PAVESI BISTRO OVEN is a hand-built Italian Hearth style brick oven. It features the world’s only refractory brick oven floor in one solid block. Built in Italy, engineered in New York and installed at Fire Stone Pizza Bar.